Our Priorities

Our philosophy of ministry can be summarized in three words that represent the foundational truths found in the Bible: Know, Grow, and Show.  These truths are commonly called the “Great Commandments” and the “Great Commission” and are found in Matthew 22:34-40 and Matthew 28:16-20. Together they summarize the goal of every Christian and therefore Christ Presbyterian Church.


Jesus summarized the entire Bible in two short commands.  The first was, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul and with all your mind.”  Of all the priorities we have in life, the first and highest priority must be loving God in light of “gospel of Grace.”  You cannot love God, unless you know God. At Christ Presbyterian Church we want to help you KNOW God so you can better love God.   We will help you know God through faithful study of His Word, and through dynamic, heartfelt worship.  We want to worship God openly and unashamedly, because God alone is worthy of all our affection.


We are a community of the redeemed called to relation Jesus went on to give the second half of the summary when He said, “love your neighbor as your love yourself.”  Loving others as much as we love ourselves is extremely difficult and would be impossible if Christ had not first loved us.  Our love identifies us as true followers of Jesus Christ and demonstrates that we are growing in His knowledge and grace.  Thus at Christ Presbyterian Church we are committed to help you build long and lasting relationships.  Although relationships are hard, and require work, openness, honesty, and vulnerability, they are foundational for growth in the body of Christ.  We are committed to being a caring and discipling church.


The third aspect of our philosophy of ministry concerns our commitment to show others the way to Christ.  The last words Jesus spoke to His disciples before He went back to heaven were a parting charge.  In this charge every Christian has been commissioned to take the glorious gospel of God’s saving grace to every nation.  We at Christ Presbyterian Church are excited about being part of the Great Commission at home and abroad.  Thus we will be committed to Showing others the gospel both in how we live and by what we say.  We understand this starts here in Coweta County and reaches out into our nation and to the most distant parts of the world.  To Show we must be a “sending and spending” church.  Therefore, we are a missional church.